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Jessika’s trip to Matamata | The Encourager

Jessika’s trip to Matamata

Bufferflies were dancing around in my tummy…. I was so excited to be going on a plane (my first trip!!!)., and then, I started to feel bored and wanted to watch a movie.   We couldn’t figure out how to put it on, so my Dad and I played games instead.

We carried on our journey by bus.   It was a long journey.   We finally arrived at Matamata “Totara Springs camp’.  They very nicely gave me a goodie bag and then a girl showed me to my dormitory which I shared with 2 girls.  After dinner we relaxed in the pool which was fantastic.

I couldn’t get to sleep – I couldn’t wait until breakfast time!  The food was delicious (thank you cooks!).  The icecream, donuts, pizza and hash browns were my favourites – yummy!

Then, I did the things I was waiting for:

On Saturday, we did Archery first which was great fun and then the hydroslide – lots of words come to mind like: gigantic, top speed, exciting, scary, in the jungle, bruises!    In the evening I was walking by my friends dormitory (Gemma and Jordan – I miss you!).  They invited me in to watch a movie which I really enjoyed.

On Sunday, after more delicious food, we had a go at mini-golf but – brrr – it was too cold to play, so we played stuck-in-the-mud in the gym instead.

Then we did a game like ‘Top town’ and I was in the orange team.  There were lots of fun games – Dad had a go on the moon hopper which was very memorable!  There were also 2 bicycles joined together – I couldn’t reach the pedals so I turned and did the brakes whilst my dad did all the work  ;o)

Next came Karoke.  This was really funny!  Stephanie’s Mum was a great singer and at the end we all sang ‘We will rock you’ by Queen.

There were loads of kids – arthritis didn’t stop them having fun.  I made 7 new friends – Gemma, Jordan, Zarlia, Tiana, Stephanie, Maya and Katie.

Camp was sooooooo cool.  I had an awesome time and can’t wait for next year!

Thank you to everyone that made it possible – I have never had so much

fun in my life.  True story.  Thank’s to Jessika Mann for submitting this great story.

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Thank’s to Jessika Mann for submitting this great story.